Interactive Customer Acceptance Test (ICAT)

We do ICAT test for our customers when the units are ready for delivery. No need to travel, cost effective and secure. The operators are not exposed to any noise or pressurized equipment while performing their individual testing. The Interactive test means that our customer can remote start and operate the unit via HTLM based link and are let access to control set up themselves. This can also be performed the opposite way – we can deliver the unit to customers worldwide or offshore and run the unit from our office. This reduces the liability for our customers and increase the uptime of the unit at worksite. We can if necessary, troubleshoot, update software, or guide the operator to the fault by accessing the units control system. If the problem need a service technician at site they can travel with the correct parts if something has to be replaced.

Actual footage from an ICAT test from a customer in the Middle East. During the test we can adjust the ambient temperature up to 55 degrees and run the units against choke and flow loop with integrated heat exchanger cooling system. For the exhaust we can run V motors up to 2400 BHP.


Stian Gundersen

Sales & Commercial Manager


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