The Dynavac Separator 

For safer and more environmentally friendly offshore waste management

12 million NOK from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) for safer and more environmentally friendly offshore waste management

The Dynavac Separator waste management system has been developed by Dynamic Well Solutions and makes it possible to treat drilling mud waste directly on-board platforms instead of taking the waste ashore.

We have now the opportunity to develop a new product that will reduce the environmental impact offshore and, at the same time, create and secure essential high-value jobs. The collaboration with UIS will mean that we lift the approach to the project from a technical to a scientific level, says Stian Gundersen, Sales and Commercial Manager, Dynamic Well Solutions.

The project is a collaboration between UiS and the business community to develop a more environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of drilling mud waste has received 12 million NOK from the Norwegian Research Council’s (NFR) scheme for innovation projects in the business community (IPN). The total project has a value of 17,15 MNOK in funding and «in-kind» contributions.

Innovation Norway’s support lead from idea to Concept
The initial idea for the concept development was funded by 1.5 MNOK from Innovation Norway, which provided the excellent collaboration between Innovation Norway and DWS essential for the project. The current IPN project with NFR and partners started in April 2022 and will be finish in 2025.
Safer, more environmentally friendly, and easier
Treatment on board makes the solution both more environmentally friendly and cheaper. When the waste does not need to be transported to land, the need for weather-dependent and dangerous crane lifting is also removed. The system will reduce crane activities by 90% compared to today’s solutions. The unit will also remove a lot of unnecessary transport and administration work related to handling the waste from rig to destruction at the onshore facility.
The system can be used on all types of drilling platforms, both jack-up, semi-submerged and drilling vessels

Development of digital twin
In the innovation project (IPN), UiS will develop a digital twin to perform advanced optimization and reliability analyses of the Dynavac Separator. Professor Yihan Xing will lead this work at the Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Material Science at UiS.
The Research Council’s IPN project is a company-led project with a significant content of research and development (R&D); systematic, creative work to acquire new knowledge. The project will host a 2-year post-doctor position for the scientific work package.

Good cooperation between Rogaland companies

This IPN project is owned and managed by Dynamic Well Solutions in collaboration with Envitec and UiS. Envitec is an expert and will supply the custom-designed vacuum venturi system. Repsol Norway and Baker Hughes are partners in the project. Repsol has expressed interest to support the project with technical advises and in-kind support. Baker Hughes will participate in onshore and offshore field testing to validate the unit’s integrity and performance. This is a Technology that is of interest to Baker Hughes to reduce their environmental footprint for offshore operations, and in line with the company’s zero emission strategy.

It is especially gratifying that all these companies are based in Rogaland. The project is an excellent example of good cooperation between large and small players in our region, states Professor Yihan Xing.


Stian Gundersen

Sales & Commercial Manager

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