With 20 years+ field experience we have designed and built more than 230 Well Service units.

Inhouse expertise and Training

With 20 years+ field experience, our company have designed and built more than 230 Well Service units. The units might look similar, but the reliability is increased during the years by choosing the best components, available technology, and more advanced computerised control systems. Dynamic has also developed several products and technology to improve the environmental footprint of the industry. Increased lifecycle, less personnel travel, electrified equipment, and reduced waste from offshore operations.

We do all critical deliveries in house and can deliver “turn-key” products. Technical  design, drawings, mechanical, electrical work, PLC programming and welding. 

We can train the operator to hook up and run the equipment prior to the units go offshore and can facilitate operation, service, and maintenance courses for our customers.


With our indoor 200m2 test facility, we can test well service equipment up to 2400BHP.

We can also adjust the heat to verify that the unit are meeting the design criteria for ambient temperature. The test bay has oil separator for spills, and control cabin behind bulletproof window. The operator is running the test securely from the soundproof control cabin with several surveillance cameras. To test the output of well service pumps we have a setup with 4000 litres water tank with flow loop with a plate cooler in our cellar. This allows continuous pumping with temperature control. The test system also has an advanced choke to get an accurate test of the pressure performance and a realistic test. In the control system we can connect a sensor verification unit which can verify if any sensors on units have wrong readings or failures.

ICAT testing

We do ICAT (Interactive Customer Acceptance Test) test for our customers when the units are ready for delivery. Please see own section how this is done.

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Automation Workshop

Dynamic Digital Solutions has built a dust free Automation Workshop in connection with the Production Workshop. This workshop has a special designed door which allow full size EX cabinets to be transported in and out on pallets. In this workshop we are fabricating all the EX-panels, HMI and automation systems for the offshore, onshore, and maritime industry. Systems has been delivered all over the world.

Welding Workshop

Dynamic do all interface welding and pipe building on site. We have next to the production a welding workshop. We perform certified TIG and MIG welding for our customers as well as on all the units we are fabricating. We fabricate piping, guards and supports in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Carbon Steel. To improve our personnel’s QHSE we do all welding and grinding in this area with suitable ventilation systems and noise reduction.

Production Workshop

1200 m2 workshop and production facility. The production facility is where all the equipment and units are assembled, and project related equipment stored. We have two 20 tons overhead cranes and fit for purpose forklift trucks. The workshop had designated areas for the different work, manufacturing area, hydraulic hose production, hydraulic spare parts and fittings and a mechanical area. All our mechanical personnel have designated tool trolleys to be as efficient as possible.